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What Are The Tourist Destinations That Are In Philly?

Philadelphia is a mixture of urban pace and hometown charm and here a traveler is met with subjects that are interesting to them to explore.  It is also a center of culture, commerce and education and it is always a city that has a new thing to offer.  You get to experience both happiness and liberty in the Philadelphia air and know life in all the details you see in the city. In Philadelphia you will experience both happiness and liberty and get to experience life by what you see in the city. There is a beautiful element in the countryside of Philadelphia and the tourists are between arts, architecture and historic spots.     Below are some of the places to visit in Philadelphia. Read more ontop 5 listings here.

The USA birthplace is the Independence Hall as most people popular term it.  There is a lot of charm and historical depth in this Hall.  In the Independence Hall, the Declaration of Independence was endorsed in 1776 by Thomas Jefferson.  It was at this place that the American constitution was made in writing in 1787. One of the most visited tourist attractions is the Philadelphia Independence Hall.  The Independence Hall was constructed with red brick and has a clock tower is the Georgian style.  The building oozes with history.

Situated between the Arch and Race streets the Elfreth's Alley is found on the second street, and it has pictures dating back from 1700 and always termed as one of the oldest American streets.  This alley is a long stretch that brings a feeling of the old Philadelphia in the colonial days. Cobbled streets and narrow have brick homes which were built for the artisan families in Philadelphia. There is the Elfreth's Alley Museum on the same Elfreth's Alley where you will find the dressmaker and chair maker's residences. On Fetes day people make rounds in these home as it is the only time they are open to the public.

On the fifth and sixth streets, the Liberty Bell is on the Chestnut street.   It stands face to face with the Independence Hall and is the considered as the most captivating tourist attraction in Philadelphia. During the Declaration, the Liberty Bell was used to call the locals.   Starting 1830s the  Liberty Bell was called the State House Bell. In the 1976 Bicentennial the liberty bell was moved from the independence hall to the glass pavilion.  Many tourists are attracted because of this liberty power that is pronounced by the Liberty Bell. Read more on places to visit in philadelphia here.

Found in Fairmont Park, the Philadelphia Zoo was opened in 1874.  Its establishment was when there was the independence celebrations in the first centenary of the nation. This zoo is host of over two thousand animals and there are other tourist attractions. The African Plains, Children's Zoo, Primate Reserve and the Reptile and Amphibian House are some other points in the zoo to behold.    

Finally, the City Hall is also another very popular tourist attraction and it makes it among the top 5 listings on the tourist destination in Philadelphia.  Where to eat in philly is among the things that you will get to know in the many shopping plazas. Read more at
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